Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Menristek-Dikti) RI Prof. H Mohamad Nasir PhD Ak said today the world of education faces global challenges. For that is asked to IT & B to prepare itself to become a qualified private university (PTS). “IT&B Campus must have the goal of becoming a qualified and competitive private university in the global institutions and improving governance towards a quality higher education as a society should develop higher education for better and better quality. Students also should master the science and technology,” said Mohamad Nasir when giving a public lecture at IT&B Campus, last Saturday (26/8).

The Minister of Research and Technology sent a public lecture on the topic “Towards Quality Education”. Also attending the House of Representatives Sofyan Tan, Dirjen Bel-mawa Prof. Intan Ahmad PhD, Coordinator of Kopertis Region I North Sumatra Prof. Dian Armanto MPd MA MSc, Rector of USU Prof. Runtung Sitepu, Head of Yayasan Tunas Andalan Nusa Rachmady Tanady, Managing Director IT&B Dr. Agus Susanto Tan, Chairman of STIE IT&B Rosita Bangun SE MSi, head of study program, lecturers and students. Mohamad Nasir provides an overview of the current global challenges facing Indonesia and what Indonesia education should prepare to conform to it. It is said IT&B Campus must have a target to be a qualified PTS and competitive in the arena of global and improve governance towards a quality higher education. Nasir also added as a qualified campus, should be emphasized on the problem of lecturer competence in the field of education, research and writing scientific papers. And level education is not only up to S2 but up to S3, and how the competence that is owned can be implemented in the world or in society. “Conversely, if higher education cannot be implemented in the community, meaning that the science can be said to be less useful, ” he said.

A member of the House of Representatives and also as the pembina of STIE IT&B dr. Sofyan Tan hopes that this public lecture can be useful for the progress of education in Indonesia, especially for IT&B Campus students.