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International Trade Study Program

Overview of International Trade Study Program

This program will analyze the causes and consequences of international trade and investment. The program was built to understand and investigate why nations trade, what they trade, and who gains (or not) from this trade. Then analyze the motives for countries or organizations to restrict or regulate international trade and study the effects of such policies on economic welfare. Topics covered will include the effects of trade on economic growth and wage inequality, multinationals and foreign direct investment, and international trade agreements.


To be a leading study program, a center of excellence in the field of international trade, and a powerful young entrepreneurship creation center by 2025.

  1. Providing quality education in the field of international trade to produce competent graduates and tough young entrepreneurs.
  2. Carry out applicative research in the field of international trade.
  3. Conducting community service by making International Trade Study Program as training center, information center, and consulting service center.

Concentrations in International Trade Study Program

Concentration will be chosen by the students in their last semester which is Semester IX, and several concentrations to choose from are as follow:

International Financial Management

International Financial Management is a well-known term in today’s world and it is also known as international finance. It means financial management in an international business environment. It is different because of the different currency of different countries, dissimilar political situations, imperfect markets, diversified opportunity sets. International Financial Management came into being when the countries of the world started opening their doors for each other. This phenomenon is well known by the name of “liberalization”. Due to the open environment and freedom to conduct business in any corner of the world, entrepreneurs started looking for opportunities even outside their country boundaries.

Career prospects: Financial Analyst, International Finance Analyst, Corporate Finance Assistant.

Import /Export Operations

The business side of importing and exporting can be extremely challenging, fast-paced and financially rewarding. Some careers in this area focus purely on the import side of things or the export side of things. Importers and exporters act as intermediaries for companies, and freight forwarders act as intermediaries for importers and exporters. Effectively, these guys are a smaller link in a bigger chain. Working on behalf of import/export companies, people in these careers use their expertise to arrange the best, most efficient and cost-effective means of transport for the shipping of specific goods.

Career prospects: importers, exporters, freight forwarders, import/export manager.

Global Business Management

In global business management, you are expected to be able to communicate a foreign country’s business regulations to clients, and their information is tailored to the client’s product or service offerings. You can help clients to decide which geographic areas to target by providing them with demographic statistics and information about incentives for promoting trade in particular areas.

Career prospects: international trade consultant, trade policy adviser, industrial business manager.