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Management Study Program

Overview of Management Study Program

The Management Study Program provides a comprehensive basis for a career in management while being flexible enough to let you pursue areas that particularly interest you. It is designed to equip you with the skills and self-confidence to effectively manage and adapt to a wide range of competitive and constantly changing business environments.

The compulsory courses allow you to develop core management skills. You can then build on these by selecting one or two specialist areas including, human resources, international business, marketing and finance. IT&B Management Study Program’s lecturers and tutors are experienced individual in the industry and our vast network of industry contacts means you can develop practical experience at some of the local leading companies.

Being a course that is recognized by excellence in the teaching and development of economics and management that produce highly competitive graduates with global insights based on a dynamic, dignity and professionalism.
  1. Implement education, teaching and community service in the field of economics and management through the development of curriculum in accordance with the progress of science and technology.
  2. To produce graduates who are virtuous, skilled, independent, creative and reliable master the concepts of economics, management, and have an entrepreneurial spirit and excel in academic and professional ability in the discipline of science.
  3. Improve the performance potential of HR in Management Department in order to realize the academic community that is able to implement the science of economics and management.
  4. Developing cooperation with various parties to the study program management global perspective.

Core Subjects

  • Financial Management
  • Financial Markets and Institutions
  • Human Resource Management
  • International HRM
  • Marketing Management
  • Entrepreneurships

Concentrations in Management Study Program

Concentration will be chosen by the students and several concentrations to choose from are as follow:

Human Resources

The major in human resources (HR) focuses on all aspects of people management. Courses cover managing people; employment relations (which provides students with a broad understanding of the nature of local  and international industrial relations); developing teams; selection and recruitment; organisational change; interpersonal communication; conflict resolution; training and development; managing staff in the multinational enterprise; negotiating employment agreements; and leadership.

Graduates work as professional HR managers in the public and private sectors; in professional practices such as law firms; trade unions; employer associations; state and federal government departments; HR management consultancies; industrial relations; negotiation and advocacy; and occupational health and safety. A major in human resources is advantageous for all employees who work as line managers in all industries.


From medicine to media, retail to transportation, and from Wall Street to Main Street, there’s one thing every size, shape, and form of business has in common: finance.

Finance is the lifeblood of business and without it, no business can survive. That’s why the raising, allocation, and management of financial resources for maximum advantage is paramount. And it’s why businesses and financial institutions need people who understand the ins and outs of finance.

The Financial Management Concentration at IT&B teaches you how to analyze an organization’s financial performance and ensure good financial health. You’ll acquire in-demand knowledge and skills in such critical areas as financial analysis and forecasting, portfolio management, cash management, international finance, and financial risk management.


The endeavour of marketing is to direct an organisation’s activities towards the needs of its external customers by encouraging exchanges of products, services or ideas so that both customers and organisational goals are satisfied. You will develop an understanding of the key concepts underlying marketing practices, while acquiring the skills necessary to embark on professional marketing careers.

Graduates work in marketing positions in medium to large sized businesses; sales and retailing; marketing consultancies; and market research.

What companies recruit IT&B Management students for their entry level positions?

Industries and job titles are extremely diverse for business graduates because the degree allows one to enter any industry since all companies need people with these skills. Management trainee programs are common in finance, government, retail, and operations. Depending on the courses taken, students concentrate in the areas of accounting, finance, management, information systems, marketing or operations and supply chain management. Since IT&B Management major cater the needs of end users, students are eligible to begin work after graduation in their designated specialty.

What jobs will I be qualified for with a Management degree?

Students graduating from IT&B have found entry level positions in many areas of business. Some of the more popular areas include sales, accounting, human resources, general management, finance, and customer service.

Can I work and study at the same time?

Yes.  We encourage our students to seek opportunities for real-world learning. IT&B Management Study program provides curriculum that supports students to work even in their first year in the college. Therefore, students are able to work while studying at IT&B.


I’m currently studying Bachelor of Business Administration in Management Program at IT&B Campus. It’s an honor for me to be in here. The main reason why I study here is because IT&B is the best English speaking university in Medan. Therefore, by choosing IT&B Management Program, not only to improve my English proficiency, but also I can learn things from professional local and international lecturers that are also in experience with running business. The students here are also told to be active, not only in student clubs, but also in competition.  Through IT&B I experience a lot of things, going to places I have never been before, competing with students in and outside Medan, trained by professional trainers. IT&B provided more than I deserve that I will never forget. One of my favorite subject is Dynamic Presentation where I can practice my public speaking, which is needed for my future career. Choosing IT&B as my place to study has never failed me nor disappointed me. I started to know and recognize IT&B when I first joined one of the event that was held back in 2013, which was IT&B English League. With the good learning environment and great school facilities, I found out that IT&B to be the most suitable for me. IT&B brings out my true value. I believe that I’m in the right college.

Jenny<br /> Valencia Class – Intake 2014

I’ve learnt about management, human resources, networking and many more at IT&B.. But the most important thing for me is I’ve learnt about how to be a good marketer with a good communication skill; not only from theories but also practices..

All the materials taught, theories explained, advices given and experiences shared in classes have assisted me in opening up my career. Therefore, i would like to sincerely thank IT&B for all the experiences and opportunities..

And last but not least, if you have been thinking to start your career, IT&B would be the best place to start!

Heriyanto<br /> Intake 2011

I was dreaming of undergoing architecture major until the destiny brought me to IT&B Campus. However, I believe that everything happens for a reason. IT&B gave me unforgettable learning experience, which is applicable and useful in my current career path. Working as an international preschool principal requires me to have management and marketing skill, besides the early childhood knowledge. I thank IT&B to have given me those all learning experiences.

Viva IT&B!

Agustin Priyanti<br /> Intake 2008