Welcome to Magister Management Study Program

Overview of Magister Management Study Program

In the global era, where technology is growing so rapidly, the movement of goods, technology and human capital is very unlimited. Competition in the business world is very competitive. Each company always tries to win the competition. Here we need each of our broad, far-sighted insights to understand cultural diversity. The Institut Bisnis IT&B organizes the Master of Management Study Program which focuses on Marketing Management, Financial Management, Human Resource Management, Education Management, Regional Government Management and Hospitality Management that is reliable, innovative and has a global outlook.


Become a Master of Management Study Program that is committed to excellence and independence in the fields of technology, economics and business in 2030.

  1. Organizing a quality master learning process in the fields of specialization in marketing management, human resources, financial management, management of regional government, management of education and hospitality management so as to produce graduates who have managerial expertise.
  2. Organizing research and community service that can contribute to the development of management science.
  3. Establishing continuous cooperation with various related agencies, both at home and abroad in the context of implementing the Tri Dharma of Universities.
  4. Conduct implementation of study program governance to support healthy and dynamic institutional governance.

Core Subjects

The following curriculum is valid from the 2017 academic year lecture with a load of 40 credits.

Institut Bisnis IT&B Management Master’s study load is calculated in units of credit. In completing studies, the credit that must be completed by a student is 40 credits (including a thesis). The study load of 40 credits consists of:

Semester 1 courses 12 Credits
Semester 2 courses 12 Credits
Concentration courses 9 Credits
Job Training 1 Credit
Thesis 6 Credits

Concentrations in Magister Management Study Program

Concentration will be chosen by the students and several concentrations to choose from are as follow:

Marketing Management

The marketing function is increasingly strategic and must be understood and implemented by all people involved in an organization. Organizations must be able to establish long-term relationships with consumers, the community, even with the surrounding environment. In a condition where the world is increasingly blurring the boundaries of a country with another country, marketing is not limited to the territory of a country, but to various countries.

The courses offered in this concentration are Market Research, Strategic Marketing, Strategic Marketing and Job Training / CIMBA.


Financial Management

One of the most important resources in a profit-oriented and non-profit business organization is funds and or finance. Financial instruments and financial institutions that can be used as alternatives to meet financial needs are growing very rapidly. For this reason, professional human resources are needed that are able to manage the finances of an organization and at the same time know the financial flows in cross-country trade.

The courses offered in this concentration are Investment Analysis and Risk Management, Depository and Capital Market Institutions, International Financial Management and Job Training / CIMBA.


Human Resource Management

As a tourist destination should be able to manage tourism well. Tourism actors are required to be able to market and provide high quality value to tourists who come so that the image of the region is always inherent in the hearts of tourists. Tourism provided a large contribution to foreign exchange for the country and the welfare of the community included in the tourist area. Tourism management learns about how to manage tourism well, how to market tourism and the latest trends that develop in the world of tourism.

The courses offered in this concentration are Global Hospitality Management Industry, Performance Management, Creative Personal and Market Value and Job Training / CIMBA.


  • Accredited by BAN PT No. 238 / SK / BAN-PT / Ak-XI / M / XI / 2013.
  • Tuition fees can be paid in installments every month, semester.
  • Lectures for 3 semesters and 1 Semester Thesis.
  • Full AC lecture room, equipped with E-Learning.
  • Lecturers holding doctoral degrees and / or professors.
  • Lunch and snacks are provided every lecture day.