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Hospitality Management Study Program

Overview of Hospitality Management Study Program

Our Hospitality Management program is an international hospitality and tourism program based on the curricula used in Australia and Singapore. It is addressed at students who want to pursue a career in international 5 star hotels, tourism and travel, event organising or running their own business. Once graduated, students can transfer their study credits and complete their degree studies with one of our partner hospitality universities overseas.
Appreciation Night

The event was designed for our students to appreciate their parents.  The entire event was planned and coordinated by our students. The full course meals from appetizer to dessert were cooked, prepared and served by our students at IT&B campus’ facility.  At the same time, the Chairman of Yayasan Tunas Andalan Nusa, Mr. Rachmady Tanady  presented the awards  of  achievements in Culinary and Baking Competition.

Cooking Class Chef

The Culinary workshop was conducted by the Celebrity Chef Adzan.  Chef Adzan demonstated his culinary skill as well as to share his life experiences with students.  His sharing is to motivate students who are earnest to pursue their future career in Culinary.

Internship 2018

Intake students 2015, Levana Jonathan and Ricky Tionardy has won the Best Interns on their first month at Ritz Carlton Kuningan, Jakarta. Danny Wongso and Anderson Prasetyo joined the Culinary Team at St. Regis Hotel & Resort Bali.

Internship 2019

Beginning of 2019, we have successfully dispatched 101 students of Intake 2016 for internship in all over 17 luxurious properties in Indonesia.  After the strenuous training and learning for two and a half years, they embarked to apply their knowledge as well to expose their talents and skills to their future prospective employers.

Carving Class

Our extracurricular course, Carving and Decoration class is developed to identify students’ passion and talent in food decoration.  Diligently with patient, they immersed themselves in carving.  They are trained by gifted professional instructor.

Internship 2017

Hospitality Intake 2014 students who have completed their internship in several luxury properties in Bali, Medan, Bintan, Langkawi and Batam.   They have the opportunity to expose and to utilize their knowledge directly with guests.   Our students had demonstrated the best achievements in all of the hotels.  We continue to expand ourselves to cooperate with luxury hotels in Indonesia.

Competition in Bandung

The competition organized by Kompetisi Pariwisata Indonesia held in Bandung from Mei 16 – 19, 2017.  It was  our debut to join the National Competition. Our Intake students 2015,  Ricky Tionardy won the First Prize in Speech Competition  and Jessica Chandra with Shereen Porfirios won the Fourth Prize in Culinary Competition.

Appreciation Night 2018

End of  2018, our graduating Hospitality students were honored to design and organize the Annual Appreciation Nights events which were to express their gratitude to their parents by cooking the perfected full courses menu,  serving, and entertaining.


Hospitality Department launched the first Fundraising Bazaar on May 7, 2017 held in Polytechnic IT&B Campus.  The proceed was contributed to Yayasan Abdi Kasih (YADIKA).  Our Hospitality lecturers and students visited and lunched with  the mental disabled children on September 19, 2017.

Sushi Workshop

The Sushi Workshop held on March 6 and 7, 2018.  We had the opportunity to invite Sushi Chef Muhammad Rajes Hanafi Harahap in demonstrating his skill as well as sharing his inspiring life experience  from a Steward to be a Sushi Chef.

Table Manner

Our debut Table Manner Program held internally at Institute IT&B from July 16 to 18, 2018.   It was an integrated students program launched to create the unity of Hospitality Department students as well as to prepare them for their internship and   future employment in the Hospitality environment.  At the particular occasion, students were to carry out their Restaurant Skills, to prepare the complete courses of menu for the occasion, and to sit for the Formal Dining Etiquette.

Sertifikasi Kompetensi Profesi

Another achievement of our Hospitality students, they are our first batch of  26 students who joined the Sertifikasi Kompetensi Profesi taken place in our facility on August 27 & 30, 2019. They have passed the certification and qualified to start their career in Hospitality Industry.  Congratulations to our Intake 2016 students.

Concentrations in Hospitality Management Study Program

Our hospitality management programme offers students three specialisations in semester 7, when students will continue their internship in the following areas:

Food Production

Students who want to run their own restaurant, café, coffee shop, pastry business, catering, or work as a pastry or culinary chefs, will choose this specialization, which introduces students to advanced culinary, pastry & baking, food and facility management methods.

Hotel Management

Students who want to pursue a career in the management of hotels, resorts, or B&B within Indonesia or overseas will opt for this concentration, which prepares them for successful employment within the hospitality industry.

Tourism and Event Organizing

This specialization is for students who wish to pursue a career in tour, travel and event organizing or in running their own travel agency business.

Best Intern - Bulgari Resort Hotel

Christella Sim has been awarded as the Best Intern from Bulgari Resort Hotel, one of exquisite luxury property in the world.  Christella had an opportunity to world class Culinary Expert.  We are very proud of  Christella’s outstanding achievement.

Best Female Intern from Ritz Carlton Sawangan Bali

Felicia Hargo awarded the Best Female Intern from Ritz Carlton Sawangan Bali. Her professionalism, cheerfulness and maturity have fulfilled her achievement in Guest Service Relation to accommodate the International guests.

Best Male Intern from Ritz Carlton Sawangan Bali

Melvern awarded the Best Male Intern from Ritz Carlton Sawangan Bali.  His F&B service knowledge has earned him the merit.

Best Intern from Sofitel Bali Resort

Jesslyn awarded the Best Intern from Sofitel Bali Resort.  Her hardworking and amiable enabled her to associate with professional team of Wedding Event Department.  Her achievement is well acknowledged.  We are very proud of her.

Best Intern from Sofitel Bali Resort

Chelsea awarded the Best Intern from Sofitel Bali Resort. Her efficiency and intelligence allowed her to work independently in Sales & Marketing Department.  Her performance was a memorable experience for Chelsea and Sofitel’s Marketing Team.

How long do I need to earn the Hospitality degree?

You need to study for two and a half years and undertake an internship for 6 months. Presently our Hospitality Program has been upgraded to D4 which is equivalent to S1. Our courses are carried out both practically and theoretically.  All practical courses are conducted in our hospitality facilities at campus. Our theoretical courses are designed to be practical to ease your understanding in application.

Will I be ready to work in the industry?

D4 is a vocational degree.  Students are trained by our experienced hospitality lecturers. You will be well prepared physical and mentally to undertake 6 month internship at five star hotels which the application will be assisted.  We corporate extensively with International Chains hotels in Indonesia.  Most of our students offered employment straightly after their internship completion.

What do I need to prepare before joining the course?

Our classes will be conducted in English.  It is imperative that you improve your proficiency in listening and speaking English. Besides, our lecturers will support to improve English competency at first and second semesters.

What are the practical courses and facilities located?

We have various practical courses for Culinary, Baking, Front Office, Bartender, and Restaurant Skill.   Those courses are to train as well as to develop our students to start their hospitality career.   The courses are conducted in its respective facilities at Institut Bisnis IT&B Medan.  We accommodate all theoretical classes and practical facilities in one building which is very convenient.  Besides, all classes are designed to start at 5 PM till 7 or 9 PM.

What interesting activities do you hold at Institut Bisnis IT&B Medan?

Occasionally, we hold annual events such as Culinary Competition, Baking Competition, Appreciation Night, Annual Lecturer Luncheon, Table Manner, Fundraising, and so forth.  Each event is designed and organized by our hospitality students.  All events are to collaborate our students to practise as well as to apply their knowledge.


Joining Hospitality Management Program at Institut Bisnis IT&B Medan has given me a great learning experience.  We were taught the skills that are required in hospitality industry, such as how to behave and dress professionally, how to develop a memorable communication with guests, and how to deliver excellent and consistent service to guests.  My studies have helped me to not only gain theoretical, but also practical skills.  The curriculum has also included 6 month internship, which gives us the opportunity to apply our knowledge and skills, as well as to experience the real work situation.  I personally feel proud to have completed my internship in the Room Division at the Ritz Carlton Langkawi. 

During the internship, I was able to build my confidence and communicate well with the guests.

Cynthia Sanjaya

Hospitality Management (Intake 2016)

I have been studying at Institut Bisnis IT&B Medan for 3 years, majoring in Hospitality Management.  I have gained valuable knowledge, skills and experiences throughout the course. The lecturers at Institut Bisnis IT&B Medan are professional and knowledgeable in their fields.  They deliver every subject theoretically and practically, hence we can apply all the knowledge and skills during internship.  I am very grateful that the curriculum has helped me to prepare for my internship.


I still can’t believe that I have completed my internship at a five star hotel in Bali. Thank you for the support!

Angel Sunasli Testimony

Hospitality Management (Intake 2016)

IT&B Campus’ Hospitality Program does not only teach me about hospitality industry or being a hotelier, but also prepares me to become professional in every aspect of my life, such as the way I talk, behave and groom myself. IT&B also gives me opportunity to go through an internship program for 6 months, so that we can implement what we have learnt, upgrade our skills and gain more experience in the real hospitality industry. I’m grateful that IT&B provides the opportunity for me to do my internship in Human Resource Department at The Ritz-Carlton, Langkawi. I’m also thankful for all the professional and experienced lecturers who had motivated and prepared me very well, thus I was able to complete my internship. My internship did not only allow me to learn about the real hospitality industry, but also to improve my interpersonal skills and build my confidence in handling events and engaging with both guests and fellow associates.

Agnes Chintya Goseline

Hospitality Management (Intake 2016)

I joined IT&B Campus’ Hospitality Management Program when I was 22 years old. Initially, I thought that university was not important, but then I finally realized that it is necessary to continue my education. In the beginning, I was actually unconfident because of my age and my poor English, but apparently the lecturers and the curriculum had helped me in improving my language skills. I chose the Culinary concentration during my last semester in the campus and I learned a lot of cooking skills through this course. I even participated twice in cooking competitions and I had won first prize at Santika Hotel and second prize at campus. I have gained a lot of knowledge and skills from my course here at IT&B Campus. Lastly, I would like to remind my fellow friends that going to university is one important step in our life and it is never too late for us to study and learn something new.


Hospitality Management (Intake 2016)

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