The IB IT&B held a seminar titled Financial Freedom Blueprint hosted by investment expert, Mr. Darmin at the IT&B Campus Hall on Saturday (3/14/2020).

The Managing Director of IT&B, Agus Susanto, said that the seminar was intended for students to better understand finance and investment.

“The purpose of this activity is that we expect students to become more aware of investment issues and certainly more literate about the financial aspects,” Agus Susanto told the Medan Tribune on Saturday (3/14/2020).

Agus said, at the momentum of this seminar directly brought an expert in his field namely Mr. Darmin to convey certain strategies in achieving financial freedom.

It also becomes a place for students to learn directly from the experts by holding discussions to further clarify everything they learn from books and when lecturing in class.

“During this time they may only learn from books or from the classroom. Today we hope, a direct meeting with experts can make them more deeply and understand about strategies to achieve financial freedom,” he explained.

The IT&B Managing Director said that the enthusiasm of the participants in attending the seminar was very high.

This he saw from the enthusiasm of students in asking what was delivered by the speaker.

“The enthusiasm of students is quite high, as we can see, they are all actively asking questions, which means they are listening well to what is delivered by the speaker,” he said.

Agus said the IT&B Institute was very supportive of the Ministry of Education’s new policy on the Merdeka Campus.

He argued that what was meant by Nadiem Makarim was through policies that were made in line with what IT&B hoped for its students.

“Basically, we support government policies relating to the Merdeka Campus. Going forward, we will give our students the freedom to choose what they like and what they want,” he said.

Besides giving freedom to students to choose their preferred field, Agus said, IT&B in implementing the Merdeka Campus program had already added its study program.

Some of the study programs in IT&B, according to him, are also quite unique and rarely exist in North Sumatra.

“We have five new study programs, all of which we are directing to students how to get out of IT&B to become a reliable entrepreneur. Some of our study programs may only be offered by IT&B that have them in North Sumatra such as Entrepreneurship, International Trade, Service Business. Our expectations, students can be more practical than just theoretical, “he said.

In this seminar, the campus also conducted health standards in the midst of the widespread corona virus issue.

When entering, seminar participants are checked for temperature and given a hand sanitizer.

“We have a body temperature check and we make sure the hands are clean of germs. So we want to be more aware of the corona virus issue that is spreading,” Agus said.

This man hopes that IT&B students can become generations of entrepreneurs who can provide benefits in the community other than just being a worker or employee.

“The point is we hope to make students as the next generation of entrepreneurs in the community. More than just work, because most of them already work while studying. Hopefully they have a strong mentality to manage a business and become an entrepreneur,” he concluded.

Presenters in the Financial Freedom Blueprint seminar, Mr. Darmin emphasized in order to realize financial freedom early on. This is understood through blueprints or guidelines on how to lead to financial freedom itself.

“They are still young. Through this seminar, actually we want to emphasize to them to be able to achieve financial freedom from an early age. So we understand through blueprints or blueprints, a kind of GPS or guidelines that can bring them to achieve financial freedom itself,” he said.

To achieve financial freedom, Darmin said that discipline, simplicity and courageous principles are the main pillars of these young people to be able to achieve financial freedom.

“The point is the principle of utilizing the existing without having to remain, all the potential must be utilized. They must also have the value of discipline, life does not follow others, and want to take full advantage of what is owned,” Darmin said.