Hospitality Study Program at the Institut Bisnis IT&B in collaboration with Yayasan Berani Bermimpi held a Career Day-Culinary Pastry World event, Saturday (07/12/2019).

The event was held in order to provide understanding, education and training to children from the Dare to Dream Dream Foundation to get to know more about the hotel industry, especially in the culinary and pastry world.

Yayasan Berani Bermimpi itself is a non-profit organization whose mission is to inspire and provide training and expertise to children of productive age with weak economic status, in the creative and hospitality industries.

The event which was held in the workshop room of the Institut Bisnis IT&B Hospitality study program was attended by dozens of children from the Yayasan Berani Bermimpi eagerly following the presentation after presentation delivered by the Head of the Hospitality Program of IB IT&B, Tina Linda, SS, MBA accompanied by Instructor Chef Sri Roulina Hutapea who provide hands-on training in the culinary field are assisted by students of the IB IT&B Hospitality Department who are very enthusiastic and professional in teaching and sharing workshop materials.

IB IT&B Managing Director, Dr. Agus Susanto Tan, SH, CN, MM, MBA, MKn, M.OXCEL (OXFORD-UK), DBA, CIMBA, CPS accompanied by Chairperson of the Yayasan Berani Bermimpi Ms. Lilysan, B.Bus, MP, NLP, said that they were very happy that the children from the Yayasan Berani Bermimpi wanted to visit the IB IT&B Hospitality Study Program and could learn how to practice directly in the process of making cakes, food and drinks.

“The Hospitality and Tourism Industry is currently a sector that has an important position for economic growth and community empowerment. D4 Hospitality Study Program at IB IT&B itself is the only study program in the North Sumatra LLDIKTI. Students will learn all aspects of business in hospitality, ranging from hospitality, housekeeping, food and beverage, to the front office. ” said Dr. Agus.