IT&B Business Institute students who joined UKM IT&B English Warriors won in the Ngabuburit Debate Open 2021 Debate competition held by UMSU Debating Society on May 8-9, 2021, through online Zoom Video Conferencing.

IB IT&B A students represented by Randy Rentanaka, James Rivaldo, and Stefanie Chuianda won 1st place after qualifying for the Grand Final stage. Apart from that, Randy Rentanaka also managed to get 1st Best Speaker; James Rivaldo with 4th Best Speaker; and Stefanie Chuianda as the 13th best speaker.

Meanwhile, the IT&B B team including Nico Fernando Tan, Viviella Garcia and Clara Jesica also won 9th place. in the language debate competition.

Managing Director of IB IT&B, Dr. Agus Susanto Tan, when confirmed by the media crew, said that the achievements made by students were a matter of pride for the IT&B Business Institute. “This achievement is inseparable from the guidance of the lecturers and the Heads of the IT&B Business Institute, who always motivate students to continue to reap their work,” said Dr. Agus. And also, added Dr. Agus, all the achievements achieved by IT&B English Warriors students never escape the constant support of IB IT&B which provides intensive training and emotional support that encourages students to always try and be confident. “Hopefully this achievement can be achieved motivate students to continue to be enthusiastic and achieve, “said Dr. Agus.