IB IT&B held a thanksgiving for the change of form from the STIE IT&B. Coordinator of Kopertis Region I of North Sumatra Prof. Dian Arrnanto said, “with the change of form of STIE IT&B to IB IT&B, it proves commitment to create transformation of education which is holistic and have global quality.” The change of this form proves IB IT&B Medan is the first sekolah tinggi can be an institute within 12 years,” said Coordinator Kopertis Region I North Sumatra Prof. Dian Armanto, yesterday at the campus, Jalan Mahoni Medan. According to him, this college is the only sekolah tinggi that can be an institute only in time of 12 years, because there are other sekolah tinggi up to 30 years and even 50 years. As explained, IT&B Medan has met the requirements of sekolah tinggi to become an institute, including the addition of study programs and lecturers. IT&B, I believe we have the same future goals, build good D4, S1, S2 and S3. This is the only business institute in North Sumatra,” he said.

Also attending the Inauguration of IT&B Achievement and Appreciation Day Institute is the member of the House of Representatives, dr. Sofyan Tan. In his speech, he said the achievement was a big thing that the Institute of Business IT & B got. The difference between sekolah tinggi and institute is very significant. Thus, IT&B can now issue certificates until S2. This is a big jump in the age of 12. “The transformation of IT&B into an institute is expected to create qualified graduates,” he said, adding that Indonesia’s wealth is the perfect wealth compare to other countries, with good human resources. Therefore, the people of Indonesia must be equipped with science which will be useful to process resources,” he said. For the future he hopes Indonesia can sell tourism. That’s why there are courses of tourism/hospitality, entrepreneurship, international trade, business services and information systems in IT&B.

The Chairman of Yayasan Tunas Andalan Nusa, Tansri Chandra delivered as citizens of Indonesia, must build nation and state by increasing economic growth, investment, creating employment. “At the same time participating in the creation of social welfare can only be done through education,” he said. Mentioned, education is the answer to everything to achieve that goal, that humans as homo edukandum and homo edukandus need a solid educational tool. In addition to the thanksgiving event, IB IT&B also rewards long-time management and lecturer teams at IB IT&B, outstanding students and scholarships for high school students in Medan city and teacher to pursue studies in S1 and S2 programs in IB IT&B. Also present at the event were TAN Foundation Chairman, Rachmady Tanady, Managing Director of IT&B, Dr. Agus Susanto Tan, Rector of IB IT&B, Rosita Bangun, public figure and education figure, Ir. Sutopo, Dr. Martono Anggusti, Ir. Ony Kusuma, Ir. Erlyanto, Finche Koesmanto, Halim Sutanto, Mr. Mike Lee from GMDC Asia, parents of students and lecturers and students.