IT&B Campus held a public lecture on “Answering the Education Challenge of Indonesia” by inviting Secretary General of Kemenristek Dikti Prof. Ainun Naim PhD MBA as a speaker at IT&B Campus Building, Mahoni Street, Medan, last Thursday. In the event, also attended by members of the House of Representatives dr Sofyan Tan, Ketua Pembina of Tunas Andalan Nusa (TAN) Tansri Chandra, Managing Director IT&B Dr. Agus Susanto Tan, Chairman STIE IT&B Rosita Bangun SE MSi, the head of study programs, lecturers, and students.

Ainun Naim in the public lecture provides an overview of the global challenges Indonesia is facing today and what Indonesia’s education should be prepared to deal with. It divides the areas discussed into four, namely global, ASEAN, national, and sub-national. In the global arena, Indonesia is faced with globalization and ICT revolution so it must be ready to compete with other countries as well as establish cooperation with these countries. In the region of Southeast Asia, Indonesia should be ready to compete with countries sheltered by ASEAN that uphold the three pillars of the Political and Security Society; ASEAN Economic Community; and Socio-Cultural Society. Nationally, Indonesia must be prepared in strategic and comprehensive partnership. At the sub-national scope itself, every region in Indonesia must be ready to establish relations with abroad.

Meanwhile, Tansri Chandra said that facing the era of globalization which is characterized by intense competition and rapid information flow in all sectors, the state is required to have strong competitiveness in order to be able to align itself with other countries. Innovation according to him become a keyword. The experience of various developed countries demonstrates that innovation based on R & D products will have a direct impact on improving sustainable productivity, which in turn can accelerate the nation’s economic growth.

Furthermore, Sofyan Tan who is also the Pembina of STIE IT&B Campus hopes that the general lecture delivered by the Secretary General of Kemeristek Dikti is useful for the advancement of education in Indonesia, especially for IT&B Campus students. As the organizer of the event, Agus Susanto Tan said, this public lecture was held to prepare state actors and non-state actors who play a role in international diplomacy. IT&B Campus, according to him, is able to play a role in advancing Indonesian assets in globalization by providing insight into international relations both as a course and study program. Thus, more and more generations have expertise other than in their fields as well as in diplomacy in order to expand the network of cooperation abroad.