Reading the news does not have to have a communication education background especially journalists. Anyone can read the news well, including reading news in English as long as they want to study.

Ricky Tionardy, IB IT&B Hospitality Management student has proven successful in being selected as the first winner on National eCom Binus International, Jakarta as Champion of Newscasting Competition 2018.

To reach the first place, the children of Teddy Yusuf and Mei In must go through various stages and compete as many as 29 participants from various schools and universities throughout Indonesia, such as University of Indonesia, Brawijaya University Malang, Jendral Soedirman University Purwokerto, ITB, Sampoerna University and University Negeri Padang and a number of other universities.

Located at Binus International JWC Campus, Jalan Hang Lekir I, Senayan, South Jakarta on the first day of October 12, 2018 participants had to read 2 news in preparation for only 3 minutes. The second day of October 13, 2018 participants were paired with 1 other participant to read the news with 8 minutes preparation time to get the top 12. On the third day of the semi-final October 14 2018 by reading weather news with 8 minutes of preparation time. In the grand final or the top 5, participants participating in the talk show host an event and those who are guests at the event are the CEO and CFO of the website

Reading news in English said the man born October 9, 1995 and then a little difficult. Reading news in English that must be considered the most is a matter of pronunciation. In English there are uses of words that are not commonly used. For example, mentioning the names of people, places and so on. Because of that unusual words are used to be said well because they can confuse the listener. In addition, he continued, in reading the news the intonation said must be clear so that listeners can listen to the news that was delivered. The most important thing to note is that reading news in English should not exceed 45 seconds. Therefore the news submitted must be concise, concise and clear. “These things must be really considered,” he said.

Reading the news, in English it is said to be more challenging because it must be done in a short time but can be understood by the listener. Ricky’s work effort to win news reading competitions in English is not in vain. In 2017, the man who once worked as a radio announcer on 96.3 Medan FM only succeeded as number 3 at the Asian English Olympics, Jakarta as of Newscasting Competition.