Two sons of President Joko Widodo, Gibran Rakabuming Raka and Kaesang Pangarep together with his son-in-law, Bobby Nasution motivated hundreds of students of the Institut Bisnis IT&B and the Yayasan Pendidikan Sultan lskandar Muda, last weekend at IT&B Hall in Jalan Mahoni Medan.

The three young entrepreneurs are present at the Spectacular 3 in 1 event at the Entrepreneurship seminar to share their experiences about the culinary business they are currently working on. Also attending the event were Managing Director of IB IT&B, Dr. Agus Susanto Tan. In the seminar that received applause from the students, the three took turns providing tips and motivation to become entrepreneurs who started with intention and willingness accompanied by a strong determination and not afraid to start.

Gibran confessed as he began to start into the business world in the culinary field which is currently known as his Markobar, it is determined to be ready to dare to start. “To start the business there is fear, but that attitude must be changed, because if it does not start when it can be done,” he said. He argues that if there is a failure and continue to keep trying while continuing to learn, he believes there will be improvement. For that also needed a sense of optimism. Similarly Kaesang said that claiming to be the son of the president does not mean without a hitch. In fact he had become an online taxi driver and games applications business before banana fritter business which he now focus and achieve success.

Evident from the business of banana fritter that have been running for 5 months now has 22 outlets in Indonesia. For that he targets until the end of this year could have 300 outlets. According to the culinary business in Indonesia is very promising, because this country has a variety of foods that can be developed. “In addition to the culinary business can promote a region even Indonesia to the International. Likewise for the economy can help farmers by utilizing their productions that we use,” said Kaesang.

Another case with the son-in-law of Jokowi, Bobby who do coffee business in recent 2 months. He admitted Jolo Coffee business that he focus now, get support from Kaesang. According to him despite the background of agricultural undergraduate education from IPB, but did not discourage the desire to do culinary business. So he chose the coffee business because the drink will be fully enjoyed by eating bananas fritter.

Managing Director of IB IT & B, Dr. Agus Susanto Tan in his speech expressed his gratitude to the three young entrepreneurs. According to him their presence provides motivation to the students, so it can be an inspiration to not easily give up in entrepreneurship. “Learning directly from the experts and experience is certainly better. We hope this activity becomes the motivation for the seminar participants who also get advice from the efforts of the three young entrepreneurs Indonesia,” said Agus Susanto Tan.