The IRON REEF Debate 2020 event which was held by Riau State University for two days, November 14-15, 2020, became a proving stage for the achievements of IT&B Business Institute (IB) students. Several categories were won by the campus located at Jalan Mahoni, No. 16 Medan.

The achievements of students and students of the IT&B Business Institute, namely the 1st place team that entered the elimination round after 4 rounds of debate with a total of 10 winning points on behalf of Randy Rentanaka and Fransiska Theresia.

Both made it into the Top 10 Varsity Best Speakers ranks 3 and 8.

In addition, two teams from the IT&B Business Institute also made it to the final and competed against the Binus & Podomoro Team with the final results: Team B from the IT&B Business Institute as the second Runner Up and Team C from the IT&B Business Institute as the third Runner Up.

The achievements in the IRON REEF Debate 2020 competition show that the ability of IB IT&B students in the world of Public Speaking should be taken into account.

Because despite competing with dozens of participants from Jakarta, such as Binus University, Podomoro and the President, the IT & B Business Institute Campus students were able to prove their abilities.

In the educational competition, the IT&B Business Institute sent several representative students, consisting of Team A IB IT&B filled with Clara Jessica and Nico Fernando Tan. Then Team B IB IT&B was filled with Randy Rentanaka and James; and finally Team C IB IT&B, which was filled by Fransiska Theresia and Viviella Garcia.

In a separate place, Dr. Agus Susanto Tan as Managing Director of IB IT&B said he was proud of the achievements made by students in the midst of a pandemic.

“All the achievements achieved by IB IT&B students at the 2020 IRON REEF Debate event, never escape the support that is always provided by IB IT&B, both in the physical form, namely intensive training and emotional support which always encourages students to be confident and always try,” said Dr. Agus.