The IT&B Institute of Business (IB) English Debate Team succeeded in making achievements in the LLDIKTI I/2021 National University Debating Championship (NUDC) regional selection which was held online, last June 21.

In the event, the IT&B English Debate Team delegation successfully won first place with the highest total score of 621, which was represented by Nico Fernando Tan and Clara Jesica, Students of the IB IT&B Entrepreneurship Study Program. This is in accordance with the letter from the Ministry of Education and Culture, Research and Technology of the National Achievement Center, in its letter No:1078/53/KM 01.02/2021 dated June 26, 2021. The IB IT&B Debate Team managed to outperform 24 other campuses participating in the competition in the LLDIKTI I work area.

The National University Debating Championship (NUDC) is a national-scale debate competition that is participated by outstanding students from all leading universities in Indonesia. The IT&B Business Institute has successfully passed the selection and will represent LLDIKTI Region I to advance to the national stage which will be held at the end of August. At the national level, the IB IT&B Debate Team will compete with 32 other campuses from all over Indonesia.

Managing Director of IB IT&B, Dr Agus Susanto Tan said, the achievements made by students are extraordinary achievements because they are related to the skills of argumentation and critical thinking to find the best solution. contribute to society,” said Dr Agus. Agus added, all the achievements achieved by IT&B English Warriors students cannot be separated from the consistent support of IB IT&B, which provides comprehensive guidance and motivates students to always have high fighting power. even bigger tomorrow,” said Dr Agus.

Comments from Nico Fernando Tan and Clara Jesica, they expressed their gratitude for the support of IB IT&B so far and trying their best in the national debate. “We are ready to participate in the NUDC 2021 at the national level, because of the strong support from IB IT&B so far, such as intensive training. with a very experienced coach. We will try to give our best in the event,” said Nico and Clara.