Head of Immigration Division of the Regional Office of Law and Human Rights (Kadiv Immigration Office of Kemenkumham Regional Office) Sumut, M Diah, SH, MH gave a general lecture to IT&B students. “The general lecture given by the Kemenkumham Regional Office to the students with the aim to provide the understanding about human rights and related immigration,” said Managing Director of IT & B, Dr. Agus Susanto Tan on campus Jalan Mahoni Medan, Thursday (21/1).

With this public lecture, Agus hopes to produce inspiration and productive ideas for students in the field of kemenkumham. In addition, said Agus, the public lecture was conducted in the form of activities for the development of science in the field of Law, Human Rights and other knowledge. Through this activity is expected to be established continuity togetherness with Kemenkumham North Sumatra. Immigration Division of Kemenkumham Regional Office of North Sumatra, M Diah SH MH in his lecture provides an understanding of immigration especially regarding the giving / enforcement of visa-free tourist visit.

Diah also provides input and knowledge and motivation for self development for student students to get information about immigration, both for IT&B students who will continue their study abroad, as well as for prospective foreign students who want to study in Indonesia. Seminar which lasted approximately 2 hours it received serious attention from the students which marked by the number of submission of questions submitted primarily about the giving / enforcement of visas. Also attending the seminar, the Chairman of Tunas Andalan Nusa Foundation (TAN) Rachmady Tanady, Head of Hospitality program, Tina Linda SSi MBA and lecturers.