IT&B Campus has been produced a lot of qualified Human Resources (HR). Today, thousands of IT&B graduates have worked in big companies, such as Arya Duta Hotel, Swiss Bel Hotel, BCA and others, the rest have succeeded in pioneering their own business. According to the Ketua Pembina Yayasan Tunas Andalan Nusa (TAN), Tansri Chandra, since the establishment of IT&B Campus has graduated as many as 3012 graduates. “Now, the alumni have worked in various companies and also entrepreneurship,” said Tansri Chandra in the 16th graduation of IT&B Campus, 25 November 2017, in Medan. Ketua Pembina Yayasan Tunas Andalan Nusa (TAN), Tansri Chandra expects, graduates will become leaders of character whose integrity is beyond doubt. “Every graduate can succeed in personal life and in particular encourage them to contribute their thoughts and work to these peoples and nations, which will play an important role in the future.All alumni of IT&B should be proud and in love with the alma mater,” he said.

Managing Director of IT&B Campus, Dr. Agus Susanto Tan appreciated all the management and lecturers of STIE IT&B who successfully received the 17th position from 264 PTS and the first rank for High School of Economics category which is in Kopertis Region I North Sumatra and also the winner of IT&B Polytechnic Grant 2017 Achievements are in line with IT&B’s Vision and Mission, which is to produce graduates with high competence and contribute to national development in an effort to expand employment. Present at the 16th Graduation ceremony led by Rosita Bangun SE MSi, including Executive Secretary Kopertis Region I North Sumatra Dr Mahriyuni, Chairman of the Tunas Andalan Nusa Foundation Rachmady Tanady, the advisors IT&B Campus, Senate Members, lecturers and structural officials IT&B.