Asuransi Central Asia (ACA) conducts financial education to Universitas Terbuka (UT) students and the STIE IT&B in Medan, recently. Education is held to coincide with a month of financial inclusion or a program called Insurance Education Day. Director of the ACA Debie Wijaya on education provides an exposure to the role of the insurance industry in the era of globalization. It is said that this activity is a commitment of the ACA in supporting the government’s financial literacy and inclusion programs aimed at increasing understanding and public access to financial products and services. “Based on this we open the opportunity to students to join the professional training of insurance marketing program or PIMP,” said Debie. According to her, the level of literacy of finance in Indonesia is still the lowest in the five largest countries in Southeast Asia. To that end, it felt necessary to conduct the series of educational activities because of the higher level of literacy will encourage equitable financial inclusion in Indonesia and can create a financial intelligent community.

Managing Director of IT&B Dr Agus Susanto Tan said, Insurance Education Day held at STIE IT&B was held on the Day of Sumpah Pemuda which was attended by 250 students. “This educational activity at the same time provides the provision and educate the students to become professional insurance experts They can play an important role to the financial industry in the future in the era of globalization,” said Agus. Previously in Universitas Terbuka (UT) was held the previous day and attended by 70 students. Education series has been conducted since 2015 in 10 cities across Indonesia. “In the future ACA is committed to continue doing this kind of activity in hopes of adding public understanding about financial products and services, insurance in particular,” said Agus.

Described, based on the latest survey of Financial Services Authority (OJK) in 2016, Indonesia’s financial inclusion rate of 67.8%. To encourage the fulfillment and fulfillment of financial services, OJK and the financial services industry have initiated “Financial Inclusion Months”. “Financial inclusion activities involving the entire financial services industry and related stakeholders in an integrated, massive and sustainable manner to achieve the government’s target of achieving financial inclusion of 75% by 2019,” he added.