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Overview of Computer Study Program

Information Technology (IT) is all aspects of managing and processing information and related technologies. IT professionals are responsible for designing, developing, supporting and managing computer hardware, computer software, and information networks, including the Internet. The applications of information technologies can be found everywhere these days. In fact, IT is likely already a part of our life in ways that we may not even be aware. Examples of real world application of information technology includes computer software used to manage basic computer applications, computer generated animation in popular movies, networks and e-commerce website that allow us to purchase online.

To create a Computer Engineering program of instruction highlighting the areas of networking hardware and software studies and multimedia-based entrepreneurial studies that excels other programs of its kind offered in the school’s market area, and to produce graduates who are fully competent computer practitioners who can contribute their skills to the industry nationally and internationally, for their own professional benefit and for the greater good of society as a whole.
  1. To offer curricula of study which emphasize professionalism, the ability to work independently if required, to act responsibly in every approach to work, and to develop a strong set of professional ethics.
  2. To produce graduates who excel in the field of computer engineering, and who are fully equipped to deal with all challenges they might encounter in their professional life.
  3. To ensure that curricula are delivered by faculty that is of the highest professional caliber and that educational processes are based on the latest methodologies in the field of professional education.
  4. To cooperate with appropriate public and private institutions to ensure that courses of instruction are in line with national and international educational prescriptions, are cutting-edge in term of timeliness and meet all current industry requirements.
  5. To be, by the year 2020, the local market leader in the field of computer engineering education, where market leadership represents an amalgam of enrollment, quality and currency of facilities and of curriculum, and reputation among current students, graduates, peer institutions and society as a whole.

Concentrations in Computer Study Program

Concentration will be chosen by the students in their last semester and several concentrations to choose from are as follow:

Information System

Information Systems concentration is flexible and represents an ideal complement to the majors and concentrations of other areas, as information technology (IT) has the capacity to transform and improve all functions of organizations in every economic sector. Information System emphasizes the significance of the interrelationships across technology, management, and strategy. The objective is to prepare students to be effective planners, users, and managers of IT in the digital economy. It provides students with assets that award them a unique competitive advantage.

Students with an IS concentration are well positioned to participate in IT-driven changes that continue to affect knowledge work, business processes, organizational design, and the operation of markets and industries. Former graduates have secured jobs in consulting, IT management, business analysis, etc. in various industries, e.g., banking, healthcare, finance, education, government, etc.


Network Specialist Concentration major prepares students for a variety of careers related to network design, installation, and maintenance. Specifically, students gain proficiency in the technical aspects of a network, including monitoring, resource management, user management, and performance issues. The curriculum provides a working knowledge in common operating systems, including installation, configuration, scripting, user and resource management, troubleshooting and common system utilities. Graduates should be able to evaluate, analyze, design, manage, administer, and troubleshoot networks. Covered topics include networking basics and protocols, advanced networking protocols, wireless networks, transport and application protocols, programming languages, and operating systems. In addition, advanced platform skills in virtualization and unified communications, project management, and network optimization techniques and best practices are covered.

This concentration prepares students for positions that may include systems administrators/analysts, network architects, data communications analyst, information systems administrators, software development engineers, network administrators, information and cyber security specialists, antivirus software managers, and related positions.

What are core subjects that students will study in achieving their degree?
Core subjects are Visual Programming, Game Programming, Mobile Programming, Networking, Multimedia, Web Programming, Database.




What are the career opportunities that students can choose after graduating from the Computer Study Program?

Students have a wide range of career opportunities to choose from such as:


Programmer, System Analyst, Web Developer, Network Engineer, Technopreneur, Chief Technology Officer, etc


Can the students continue their master degree in overseas after graduating from IT&B?
Students can definitely continue their studies in overseas as many of IT&B Alumnis have eventually continued their Master Degree in Australia, India, UK, etc.





Even though the tuition fee is higher than that of other schools, maybe the most expensive in Medan, the price comes with the most excellent quality. The quality of knowledge that we can obtain by studying here is worth the price which is being payed. Numerous ways to learn are provided by IT&B campus, such as seminars;  there are many seminars which are held at IT&B campus, also, there are company tours, interactive class sessions, real-life simulation projects and much more.

Also, what we cannot get from other university or campus is the experiences that are shared by our lecturers. The lecturers are experts in their field of work, and they know how to apply their expertise in their subject area to teaching in a professional way. Therefore, at IT&B Campus, we will not only gain academic knowledge but also practical experience which will help us build our professional skills and our character.

Yahoo! Class – Intake 2011

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I have been studying Information Technology at IT&B for 2 years now, and the result is satisfactory. I learned a lot of things I never knew before: I managed to make games like brickbreaker, snake, etc. I was also taught how to create business programs. As for designs, flash, photoshop, illustrator and program-based form designing are also taught here and I learned a lot from studying these programs.

The all-English environment also helped a lot in English language learning. Students are also asked to do a lot of presentations and to practice public speaking. Also, motivatinal seminars are held very often at IT&B, helping us students to gain a positive outlook on life and learning and to become more diligent in our efforts.

Kuandi Chandra
Twitter Class - Intake 2012

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