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Services Industry Study Program

Overview of Services Industry Study Program

Great services lead to companies successful. By the high improvements in the transportation of people and the communication of information, the service sector is one of the most intensive international competition. The services industry study area consists of logistic management, tourism, event planning, banking and insurance services, advertisement, etc.
Services Industry study program focused on equipping students for the business world with a wide range of vocational and academic subjects. Students will practice and improve their communication and leading skills through services projects given in line with the current economy development. Lecturers are mostly professionals in services industry field with years of real experience.


To be a leading courses in services industry field and the center of a tough new born entrepreneur in 2025.

  1. To carry out a qualified education in services industry that creates competent and educated graduates.
  2. Perform an applicative research in services industry.
  3. Perform community services by creating services industry study program as the training, information and service center in Medan city as it’s the pioneer services industry study program.

Concentrations in Services Industry Study Program

Concentration will be chosen by the students in their last semester which is Semester IX, and several concentrations to choose from are as follow:

Business Logistic Services

Business Logistic Services supplies students with the necessary skills related to product distributions. Students will be trained to coordinate logistical factors of a business, such as distribution planning, transportation methods, inventory control, traffic management, and warehousing. Students also learn the fundamentals of freight claims and logistics contracts.

Career Prospects: Purchasing Manager, Cost Controller, Logistic Manager, Logistic Consultant, etc

Business Advertising Services

Business Advertising Services focuses on effective communication, writing, editing, and visual design. Students will be given the necessary training in communication, design and marketing to create advertisements in order to promote products and services.

Career Prospects: Public Relationships Specialists, Media Planners, Advertising Sales Manager, etc.

Business Banking and Insurance Services

Business Banking and Insurance Services focuses on financial transactions such as buying, selling, creating or changing ownership of financial assets. It also has the function to help company find money to operate and grow the business, make acquisitions, plan for its financial future.

Career Prospects: Owner of Insurance Companies, Investment Advisors, Stockbrokers, Investment Managers, etc.

What job opportunities are there for me?

There are Cost Controller, Purchasing Manager, Logistic Manager, Event Planner, Public Relationship Specialists.

What are some of the subjects to be learnt at Services Industry Study Program?

Digital Startup, Computer Graphic Design, Business Logistic, Online Business, Taxation, Contractual Law, Business Presentation Skills, Tender System, Travel Agency Principles, Media Advertising Planning, etc.

How long will I finish my study?

It will take 3,5 years with the degree of S. Bns.

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