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Hospitality Management Study Program

Overview of Hospitality Management Study Program

Our Hospitality Management program is an international hospitality and tourism program based on the curricula used in Australia and Singapore. It is addressed at students who want to pursue a career in international 5 star hotels, tourism and travel, event organising or running their own business. Once graduated, students can transfer their study credits and complete their degree studies with one of our partner hospitality universities overseas.


Excel in the Accounting Study Program in the level of National and regional in the year 2020.

  1. Carry out the programs in accounting to produce graduates who are competent, have a passion to continue growing, have moral, entrepreneurial and environmentally sound development in 2020.
  2. Implement the Accounting Research that has been created and spread the result in developing the community’s knowledge and technology in year 2020.
  3. Implement the devotion to the society through knowledge and technology in supporting the improvement of life in year 2020.

Concentrations in Hospitality Management Study Program

Our hospitality management programme offers students three specialisations in semester 7, when students will continue their internship in the following areas:

Food Production

Students who want to run their own restaurant, café, coffee shop, pastry business, catering, or work as a pastry or culinary chefs, will choose this specialization, which introduces students to advanced culinary, pastry & baking, food and facility management methods.

Hotel Management

Students who want to pursue a career in the management of hotels, resorts, or B&B within Indonesia or overseas will opt for this concentration, which prepares them for successful employment within the hospitality industry.

Tourism and Event Organizing

This specialization is for students who wish to pursue a career in tour, travel and event organizing or in running their own travel agency business.

How long do I study for?

You study for 2 years on campus and then undertake an internship for up to 6 months in Bali, Jakarta, Medan or overseas. Study on campus is largely practically orientated (70%) but also deals with theoretical aspects of the subject area. Students are trained by hospitality and tourism trainers who have extensive experience in the hospitality and tourism industry (local and overseas).

Why is our Hospitality Management programme a D3, not degree?

The fact is that everywhere around the world, hospitality programs are diploma programs and this is all students require to get employment within the hospitality and tourism industries. Our programs, from beginning to end, are 100% hospitality-focused studies and not a business degree program disguised as hospitality program which is 90% theory orientated with little practical application.

Can I take my internship overseas?

For students who want to undertake their internship overseas, this can be arranged with one of our internship agents who will assist you to find a host employer and arrange everything for you. This will incur a fee from the agent, but it includes 100% service.

Where can I further my studies overseas?

Currently students can continue their bachelor degree studies in Singapore or France with VATEL, which is 1 of the top 10 Hospitality Universities in the world. Alternatively, students can study and work in Australia with ICHM. Because our programme is an international standard hospitality and tourism programme, students have found it easy to transfer their credits into other overseas universities.

What job opportunities are there for me?

There are a lot of jobs in Hospitality, nationally and overseas if you are prepared to relocate. Unlike for other majors offered by IT&B, our hospitality students have the opportunity to pursue work overseas quite easily. We work with a number of national and overseas hospitality recruitment agents who can assist students to find employment.


IT&B Campus Hospitality Program provides a good facilities for practices class and all the trainer are experts in their fields. We are taught how to dressed professionally, how to deliver a proper services to the guests, learning about the basic skills of culinary and baking, and etc. We are also given an opportunity to do an internship program for 6 months to prove our skills and gain more experiences in the hospitality industry itself. I personally choose to do my internship at The Ritz Carlton, Bali for 6 months specialized in the Pastry Department.


My dream is  to be a competent in cooking and baking.  I had selected  Polytechnic  IT&B Campus  for its facility. For 2 and half years, I was trained technically in cooking and baking skills and shaped characteristically and professionally for the industry. I am thankful for the experienced lecturers who had motivated and prepared me well that I was able to complete my internship at JW Marriott with distinction.

Pricillia Govani