For over a decade now, IT&B Campus has been the school of choice for Medan students wishing to undertake their studies in Business, Hospitality and Information Technology in an English-language instruction environment. A purpose – built campus equipped with the most modern educational facilities, an ambience that fully supports a modern education environment, learning programs which meet or exceed national and international standards, and highly qualified faculty and staff that feel compassionate about their work and their commitment to students – it all can be found in our institution.


The website which you are now visiting introduces you to various aspects of our educational offering. It provides information for both prospective and current students and their parents, graduates and the general public at large, and it aims to provide you with any information you might be looking for.


We hope that your virtual visit to our campus will be rewarding and informative, and we express the hope that it will entice you to consider becoming a member of our family made up of students, alumni, supporters and friends and other stakeholders. Feel free to follow up your virtual visit with an actual visit to our campus, you are more than welcome to be an honored guest! Meanwhile, enjoy what you find in these web pages, and be thanked for your visit!

Message from Managing Director

Institut Bisnis IT&B

To be an Institute of Higher Education known and recognized for the quality and integrity of its educational programs, for its global perspective, for its commitment to students and for its resolve to produce graduates which can readily meet the challenges of a globalized work environment.
  1. The implementation of quality educational programs to produce graduates who can effectively contribute to society through their professional activities.
  2. The creation of a learning environment that truly supports students in their efforts to acquire a current and relevant skill set in their program of choice.
  3. The implementation of curricula which encourage active participation of learners to improve competence in their chosen fields of study.
  4. Fostering cooperation with educational institutions, industries and companies both at home and abroad.
  5. Improving the quality of human resources through education, training and seminars by using highly skilled professional lecturers and recognized industry experts.
  6. The employment at all times of best practices in the areas of lecture provision and educational administration.

Polytechnic IT&B


To be an  Institutions of Higher Education which excels in producing graduates that are characterized by superior knowledge and skills, by professionalism and by the global perspective projected by our institution, and who are fully able to compete and meet challenges of their professions at the national and international levels.

  1. Produce and develop human resources with sound moral and ethical principles.
  2. Generate qualified skilled labor, entrepreneurial in spirit, independent, who help to sustain our culture and our environment who and able to contribute to advances in our country’s social and economic development.
  3. Develop and institute professional education programs that are always adapted to meet the current standards of science and technology.
  4. Provide education and teaching, research and community service by working with various parties, both inside and outside the country.
  5. Maintain continuous cooperation with government agencies, businesses, professional associations and communities both locally and nationally.

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